Safety Rules

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Man riding bicycle at reduced rate of speed.

Bicyclist safety

Every person operating a bicycle on university property shall do so in obedience to all traffic control devices, the “Illinois Bicycle Rules of the Road” and the regulations included herein.

Persons riding bicycles on campus shall practice courteous, defensive riding, giving due consideration both for pedestrians and for conditions that require traveling at safe speeds and having their bicycles under control at all times.

In accordance with the “Illinois Bicycle Rules of the Road,” every bicycle, when ridden during the period from sunset to sunrise, shall be equipped with, and have operating, a front white lamp and a rear red reflector or lamp. In addition, every bicycle purchased new after July 1, 1973, must be equipped with additional safety devices, including:

On each pedal, a reflector that can be seen from the front and the rear of the bicycle for a distance of 200 feet after dark.

Side reflectors, front and rear, visible at night in reflected light for a distance of 500 feet. The reflector to the rear of the center of the bicycle must be red; the reflector to the front of center must be amber or yellow.

No person shall operate on campus a bicycle that is in such unsafe condition as to endanger any person or property or that is not equipped as required by the Illinois Vehicle Code.


Respect all trail users.

Yield to slower users.

Know and obey the rules of the trail.

Announce when passing

Use a bell, horn, or voice to indicate your intention to pass.

Warn other well in advance so you do not startle them.

Yield when entering and crossing

Yield to traffic at places where the trail crosses the road.

Yield to other users at trail intersections.

Pass on left

Pull out only when you are sure the lane is clear.

Allow plenty of room, about two bike lengths, before moving back to the right.

Do not block the trail

For group rides, be safe and considerate by using no more than half the trail.

When you stop and regroup, completely exit the trail path so as not to obstruct others.

Be predictable

Travel in a straight line unless you are avoiding hazards or passing.

Clearly indicate your intention to turn or pass.

Use lights at night

Most trail users will not have lights at night. Therefore, make sure you are visible by using a white front light and red rear light.

Keep right

Stay as close to the right as possible, except when passing.